The hidden gems
of Office 365

How to ensure your customers get the most out of their subscriptions

By now, the basics of Office 365 are well known. Everyone is familiar with Outlook, Word and Excel. But what about some of the lesser known features? In the right hands, they can provide real value to business users who may be unaware they exist.

Westcoast are here to help you learn about these hidden gems and share them with your customers. From tools to help manage bookings to a service that automatically calculates mileage expenses, there is a lot of value to be taken advantage of. With videos, guides and leave-behinds, we can help you and your customers get the most out of Office 365.

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The hidden gem

A video introduction

Before you can sell these benefits to your customers, you and your team need to know
about all the benefits. You can learn about some
of Office 365’s best hidden gems in this short video, introducing you to the software and explaining
the benefits. Use it as a quick, easy to digest introduction for you, your sales teams and staff.

How the hidden gems will benefit your customers

How do you relate these benefits to your clients
and customers? What real-world scenarios will these innovative pieces of software help to solve? We’ve put together a video that shows exactly how they can help a typical business through a variety
of day-to-day challenges.

This video can then be used to show your sales teams a typical scenario that their customers may face, or act as a thought starter for any future
sales conversations.

Supporting documents
for your team

If it’s time to talk to your customers, make sure you give your sales teams the reminders they need. Take advantage of the range of sales resources available to you here. From sales PDFs and vertical-specific PDF, to handy z-fold digital fliers that can be downloaded, printed and used as a reminder for your sales team, we’ve got the tools you need to get started.

Download the z-fold Download the hidden gems PDF Download the vertical focus PDF

Supporting documents for your customers

If you and your team are ready to sell the benefits of Office 365 to your prospects, customers or clients, feel free to make use of the assets in our toolkit. These emails, PowerPoints and PDFs have all been built without Westcoast branding, so you can add in your own logos and additions as you see fit.


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Why Westcoast

At Westcoast, exceptional is our only standard.
We know, as the market changes, the most effective way to support resellers is through a clear focus on agility and driving services. We have a long partnership with Microsoft, and our staff understand the ins and outs of Office 365.

With our cloud specialists and marketing support, we’re perfectly placed to help you sell Office 365.

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